The Grove of the Willow Wood is an inclusive, contemporary Wiccan coven led by our High Priestess, Lady Ashlen, and High Priest, Lord Solandrin. Our group is anti-racist, neuro-diverse, LGBTQ+ affirming, and family friendly. We believe: In the existence of a higher power, which we conceptualize as the Creative Life Force. That we are all […]

Every organization has guiding principles–the values that define who they are and how they strive to be. These tenets are our central values, the principles upon which we base our beliefs, and what we practice in our daily lives. Balance – we seek balance within ourselves–mentally, physically, and spiritually. We recognize that balance is an […]


Our Community

The Grove is a close-knit community of like minded individuals who gather together to celebrate the turning of the Wheel, the cycles of the moon, and for fellowship. While families with children are welcome to attend our celebrations, only adults may take classes or pursue initiation.