Planning on visiting soon? Great! We look forward to meeting you! Here are a few tips that will make your visit with us an enlightening one… Ask tons of questions. We welcome them! It is acceptable to arrive an hour prior to the start of a ritual. This gives you time to settle down, get […]

Individuals who have met with our High Priestess and have attended ritual with our group may be given the opportunity to pursue an in-depth study of the Old Religion. Interested individuals are formed into classes that meet once a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon. Individuals who chose to study with us are referred to […]

At Willow Wood, we believe that your spiritual practice should be found in your daily life. Every day that we live is an opportunity to takes steps along our spiritual path. One can find holiness and reverence in the stroking of a pet or snuggling with a loved one just as easily as it can […]


Our Community

Our Grove is open to adults who have love in their heart, a sincere desire to learn the ways of the Old Religion, and seek the love and light of the Goddess and God.

Our group operates under a three-tier degree initiatory system where each level of initiation specifies further responsibility within either the Grove and/or the Craft community.

The church is led by Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin. The other initiated members are first, second, and third degree male and female Witches. Second and third degree witches are addressed with the title of Lord or Lady. Students and friends of the group are referred to as neophytes.