We are grateful and fortunate to know so many wonderful people within the greater pagan community.

This is a listing of several businesses we frequent and practitioners we’ve met over the years–many of whom we now count as friends.

United States


Cosmic Fox Trading Company (Gainesville)

Forever and a Day New Age Emporium (Woodstock)

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore (Sandy Springs) owned and operated Candace Apple.

Lady Ashlen attended an open house for Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion at Phoenix & Dragon in 2007 where she met Lady Jasmine, Lord Solandrin, and several other Ravenwood initates and Elders. For many years, the Grove of the Willow Wood hosted open houses at Phoenix & Dragon, and if you shop there you might unknowingly encounter one of the Grove’s members (many of us still purchase our treasures here).

Tea Rabbit’s Teas and Magickal Makings (Dahlonega)


TAYOTAT’s Mystic Tea and Brooms (Ontario) owned and operated by Amy Lou Taylor.

Lady Ashlen and Lord Tatanka studied tasseomancy with Amy, Lady Ashlen in person during her travels and Lord Tatanka virtually. Both enjoy their continued friendship with her. Amy is a Certified THAC Tea Sommelier Professional and Bromsquire. She offers tea leaf and card readings (virtually and in person), has an online shop, and curates the Museum of Tasseomancy.


Adrien Mastrosimone, a Spiritual Guide and Transpersonal Coach.

Lady Ashlen and Lord Tatanka met Adrien during their travels in the United Kingdom while completing their early studies at Ravenwood and struck up a friendship.

Treadwell’s (London, U.K.)