Every organization has guiding principles–the values that define who they are and how they strive to be. These tenets are our central values, the principles upon which we base our beliefs, and what we practice in our daily lives.

Balance – we seek balance within ourselves–mentally, physically, and spiritually. We recognize that balance is an ongoing art that can never be perfected but must be actively pursued and constantly crafted.

Harmony – we strive to live in harmony, being in balance with those around us–the members of the group and the world at large.

Integrity – we do what we believe is right, even when it is hard. This does not mean we do not make mistakes; it means that before we act, we examine our intent to make sure it is pure. When we find a mistake has been made, we reframe it as a lesson we can learn from rather than as a personal failing.

Gratitude – we believe that this is one of the great magicks. When we frame our lives in gratitude, the universe provides ample opportunities for us to be grateful.

Humility – we recognize that there will always be those who know more than we do, and there will be others who know less. We strive to know our value while remaining humble, teaching those who seek and learning from those who are willing to share their wisdom with us.

Kindness – above all, we believe in the importance of kindness. Our power lies in how we treat others, irrespective of how they might treat us.

Wisdom – we believe in the value of learning, and that wisdom is the application of knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of study and growing from our mistakes.

Trust – a community is built on trust, but trust is earned–not given. By living in accordance with our tenets, our members have a foundation of shared values, and that foundation is the basis for the trust we have built.