While there may be more, below are some ideas that are commonly–and incorrectly–assumed to be part of Wicca. The Grove of the Willow Wood does not partake in any of the actions below. Wiccans are NOT Satanists Satanism is a deliberate perversion and reversal of Christian practices. Wiccan beliefs predates Christianity and has nothing to […]

The landscape of Paganism and Wicca is vast and diverse. No two people, or groups, will practice in exactly the same way, or share the exact same beliefs. However, here are some beliefs that are commonly (though not always) shared by other Wiccans and by our Grove: Wicca is a nature oriented religion Wiccans consider […]


Our Community

Our Grove is open to adults who have love in their heart, a sincere desire to learn the ways of the Old Religion, and seek the love and light of the Goddess and God.

Our group operates under a three-tier degree initiatory system where each level of initiation specifies further responsibility within either the Grove and/or the Craft community.

The church is led by Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin. The other initiated members are first, second, and third degree male and female Witches. Second and third degree witches are addressed with the title of Lord or Lady. Students and friends of the group are referred to as neophytes.