At Willow Wood, we believe that your spiritual practice should be found in your daily life. Every day that we live is an opportunity to takes steps along our spiritual path. One can find holiness and reverence in the stroking of a pet or snuggling with a loved one just as easily as it can be found in the lighting of your altar, or meditation.

Wiccans usually celebrate twenty-one (21) holy days each year. Though Wicca is a religion for the individual, Wiccans often come together to worship the God and Goddess. Wiccans mark the progress of the seasons and nature’s cycles at thirteen lunar (full moon) Esbats and eight Sabbat festivals each year; four solar and four agrarian. The Sabbats make up what we call the Wheel of the Year.

We gather together on the Saturday closest to the actual date. Sabbats are celebrations. We follow each Sabbat with a potluck feast.

The Covenstead is housed in a private residence. We gather to celebrate Sabbats at the covenstead, but also expect our students and members to commune with the God and Goddess individually and, on occasion, do rituals on your own.

Although we come together and celebrate as Wiccans, we are each responsible for our own spiritual lives and practices on a day to day basis. Practicing your Craft and putting to use that which you have learned is necessary to your spiritual development.