While there may be more, below are some ideas that are commonly–and incorrectly–assumed to be part of Wicca. The Grove of the Willow Wood does not partake in any of the actions below.

Wiccans are NOT Satanists

Satanism is a deliberate perversion and reversal of Christian practices. Wiccan beliefs predates Christianity and has nothing to do with Satan, who is the Christian personification of evil. In fact, Wiccans do not believe at all in an ultimate evil force. Wiccans do believe that ignorance can lead misguided individuals to commit harmful acts. It is unfortunate that Satanists have stolen and then perverted the sacred symbols of both Christianity and Wicca. This is disrespectful to both religions. Such harmful ignorance of the Wiccan religion by the larger public leads to a belief that Witches are Satanists because of confusion over similar religious symbols.

Wiccans do NOT commit blood sacrifice

As practitioners of a life-affirming nature religion, Wiccans find human and animal life sacrifice sacrilegious. The very concept of blood sacrifice is repulsive, and the practice is an abomination to Wiccans.

Wiccans do NOT practice ‘black magic’

Wiccans do not spend time casting spells or indulging in ego-feeding hocus-pocus. Rather, Wiccans know that when life is responsible and harmonious, things fall into place as they should as if by magic. Well, to Wiccans, this is magic–the only magic. Magic happens when an individual is able to discipline the mind enough to control thoughts no matter what else happens. According to Wiccan teaching, our minds can be our undoing or our doing. As we think, so shall it be. Thus, magic is a by-product of right-living and disciplined thought.

Wiccans do NOT seek to proselytize, evangelize or convert

Wiccans do not ‘recruit.’ The Path of the God & Goddess is one of immense personal responsibility, study, and reflection. One must come to the Path through his or her own free will.