Individuals who have met with our High Priestess and have attended ritual with our group may be given the opportunity to pursue an in-depth study of the Old Religion. Interested individuals are formed into classes that meet once a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon. Individuals who chose to study with us are referred to as neophytes. We consider neophytes a part of our Grove.

Our curriculum consists of thirteen classes: protocol, laws tenets, meditation and mental discipline, myth and symbolism, metaphysical theory, magickal theory, ritual, tools, and energy. Core classes taught by initiated members of the Grove of the Willow Wood, and take at least a year and a day to complete. Homework assignments require study, research, and introspection. Classes are dynamic and neophytes and initiates are encouraged to take them multiple times.

Participation in regular rituals with the Grove of the Willow Wood while attending classes is not mandatory, but is strongly suggested as these rituals provide a practical opportunity to apply and explore the ideas presented in class.

Upon completion of the classes, each neophyte is able to make a balanced and considered decision about whether or not to seek initiation to become a priest or priestess of the Old Religion. Regardless of whether initiation is sought by or granted to a neophyte, this individual will remain a welcome friend of our Grove.

Please note:
  • Initiation is not a graduation ceremony, mandatory, or automatic; it is also not for everyone. Each candidate is considered on an individual basis by the High Priestess and High Priest in consultation with the Grove’s initiate body.
  • The Grove of the Willow Wood will not, under any circumstance, instruct individuals under the age of 18 without written and verified parental consent. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to jointly attend classes.
  • We do not provide online or correspondence courses.